Castellammare del Golfo, navel of western Sicily

We are sorry that your holiday will be short-term. You will not have time to discover all the surrounding area but this shouldn’t discourage you, because we will give you some advice to optimize your time and if you wouldn’t manage to see everything, it will be a good excuse to return.

How beautiful is Sicily… 

We are sure that you couldn’t choose your holiday in a better way!

porto di Castellammare del Golfo visto dal mare


After only half an hour on the road, from the airports of Palermo (45 km) or Trapani (56 km), we read the sign that tells us the exit, on the A29 highway.

Castellammare del Golfo is a typical city of Sicily, of about 16,000 inhabitants in the province of Trapani. Its main activities are tourism (especially in summer), fishing and viticulture. The origins of the city are very ancient, 5th century BC

It was conquered by many populations: Arabs, Scandinavians, Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese and other populations, until the city became part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and then of the Kingdom of Italy.

A city rich in history, gastronomy, culture, traditions and landscape beauties that certainly will not disappoint you.

Walking around

The atmosphere that you breathe walking along the narrow streets and stairways of Castellammare is magical, to say at least. During the day the harbour is full of boats, moored in a row all the same, or nearly so, tourists, children and fishermen who come back to the land bringing the catch of the day. In the evening, instead, the promenade and the narrow streets are filled with life, with the opportunity to taste the delights that the area offers almost everywhere. With the starry sky, the sound of the sea and the lights of the Arab castle you can’t ask for more. Castellammare del Golfo is the right place to spend your holidays. 

What to eat

The gastronomy of Sicily is very rich, the typical products to try are endless. The fish cannot be found fresher than this. From the boat, to the plate, passing from the grill. Crustaceans, blue fish, cod, swordfish, tuna, sardines, octopuses and much more can be enjoyed every day in the various restaurants in the town that adapt their menu based on the catch of the day.

Enza sulla barca

Where to swim

The coast offers breath-taking views. A rugged coastline with many hidden beaches to be discovered, ideal for sunbathing, scuba diving or snorkelling. Some of them can only be reached by sea, others with the right directions can also be reached by land. The sea stacks of Scopello and the Zingaro Reserve are the most popular destinations for tourists but we assure you that there is much more to discover. Guidaloca, Cala Bianca, Cala Rossa, Fossa dello Stinco, Cala Mazzo di Sciacca are just some of the natural beauties of the area. The rocky bottoms with deep waters offer an underwater spectacle to make your wrists tremble.

riserva naturale dello zingaro

History and archaeology

For history and archaeology lovers, just about 20 km away there is the archaeological park of Segesta, one of the largest and best preserved in all Sicily. The temple, the amphitheatre, the agora, and the other monuments present in the acropolis make the excursion interesting even for non-connoisseurs. Certainly an attraction not to be missed.

Wine, olive oil and cheese

For wine and extra virgin olive oil lovers there is something to indulge in. The valleys behind the hills that surround Castellammare del Golfo are covered with vineyards and olive trees, great options for day trips to discover wines such as Nero d’Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon, Catarratto, Grillo, Zibibbo. Even more if they are accompanied by a piece of warm bread, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a piece of primo sale (semi-fresh cheese typical of the area). 


For those who like walking in the nature, Zingaro Reserve and Mount Cofano offer different tracks, both along the coast and inland the reserve where you can admire the fauna and flora which often are endemic to the area. The surrounding hills also offer excellent possibilities for whole days of trekking.

Scuba Diving

The sea stacks of Scopello in addition to being the icon of the landscape above the sea level, are also reveal fascinating underwater. Diving excursions are offered for all levels with the possibility of visiting an underwater museum at 18 meters depth!

cornino e monte cofano


As you understand, there is something for all tastes, for the sea, trekking, scuba diving, fishing, food, history lovers… Leave the luggage in the apartment or in your room and started this well-deserved vacation, guided by the strong perfume of the sea and surrounded by the wonderful colours of this land.

Main attractions

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